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We've spent months collecting the most popular and best-reviewed products we could find and put them all on one convenient website, and you've found it! We have assembled great products at various price points, so there's something for everyone. But don't keep this great secret to yourself - sharing is caring! The more visitors we get, the more popular this site will become, and we'll be able to add even more awesome products and new categories. Plus, unlike many similar sites, all our editors are born and bread AMERICAN! Yes, we live here in the great ol' US of A! Many of us live in central Florida, not too far from that mouse park. You know what I mean. And, rest assured, you can shop safely here. There is absolutely no Indian, Chinese, or Russian troll monkey business here on Does Got?. As a matter of fact, our store is backed by the globe-leading security protections and awesome customer service policies provided by Amazon. That's the only place we shop online, too.


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Falling Forward by Olivia Black

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Cancer stole her parents. It consumed her career. And in an unexpected twist, cancer finally taught her how to live... and love. Dr. Olivia Garvin’s life turned upside down on her 42nd birthday. The man she loved and trusted for nearly 20 years proved to be unfaithful. On a whirlwind trip to Hawaii to escape the embarrassment of her husband’s arrest, she meets a younger man and her life is forever changed. Kalani Kaleo helps Olivia in her struggles to understand her old life; and teaches her what’s really important in life. They both know they shouldn't get involved, but they can't fight the fateful attraction. Together, they learn the true meaning of healing, the limitations of modern medicine, and the importance of the soul.


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